H.V. Hodson

“The Diseconomics of Growth” - Copyright Notice

These transcriptions of books by various nineteenth century authors of instructive books for teenagers, were made during the period 1997 to 2004 by Athelstane.

We used a Hewlett-Packard scanner, a Plustek OpticBook 3600 scanner or a Nikkon Coolpix camera to scan the pages, TextBridge Pro 98 or ABBYY Finereader 7 to produce a first draft of the text, and Athelstane software to improve the text. We proof-read the chapters, and then made a CD with the book read aloud by either Fonix ISpeak or TextAloud MP3. The last step enables us to hear and correct most of the errors that may have been missed by the other steps.

This process represents a large investment of time and skill. You may freely download a copy for your own use. We do not in the least mind if anybody wishes to offer any of our work on another website, but would point out that they should state that the copyright is ours, rather than claiming it as their own.

Created from a nineteenth century text by Athelstane E-Texts