Harry Hodson

About “Autobiography”

The first edition of this book is dated 1999. The publisher was -- The number of pages is 1.


Chapter I.
Seven Revolutions.

Chapter II.
The Golden Ages.

Chapter III.
A Magic Garden.

Chapter IV.
Economists and Others.

Chapter V.
The Round Table.

Chapter VI.
A Sunset World.

Chapter VII.
A non-Combatant War.

Chapter VIII.
Turning-Point in India.

Chapter IX.
Figures from the Indian Scene.

Chapter X.
Peers of the Press.

Chapter XI.
A Journey Through Three Continents.

Chapter XII.
Less than Heavenly Bodies.

Chapter XIII.
The Institute of Race Relations.

Chapter XIV.
The Ditchley Foundation.

Chapter XV.
The Fringe of Politics.

Chapter XVI.
Octogenarian Reflections.

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