Sunday 26th May. We are on our way to the house, and have stopped here for lunch. The proprietress is English, and has two teenage girls. The elder, Jessica, is sixteen, which puts her in the same age group as Valentina.

On the left I am teaching Michael the Greek letters, some of which are the same as ours and some different. The confusing ones are like English letters, but pronounced differently, for instance P which is how they write R. Another example is B which is pronounced V. Hence we have TABEPNA, pronounced taverna. On the right we have Mark teaching Michael to swim, but without an enormous success.

Sunbathing at Ariadne.

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Our voyage in a small launch to see the caves near our village of Agios Nikolaos. Our boatman was a very skilled seaman, and also has a special sort of rudder which gives him pinpoint accuracy in positioning the boat within the caves. He does all the maintenance of his boat himself.

“The Wreck” is a beach on the north-western side of the island. There is a small wrecked vessel on the beach. The bay contains several caves shining bright blue with the sun on the sand, and is contained within high cliffs. On the top of one of the cliffs is a car-park, and also a steel viewing-point, shown here. This also appears in one of our videos.

Above, to the left, on the boat going out to see the loggerhead turtles at Laganes. And to the right you can see, though not very well, one of the turtles.

The Turtle trip was an “extended” one, which meant that they were taken to see some more of the caves. On the right you can see them arriving back on shore. Because of the difficulty of getting onto the boat I, with my problems in walking, did not go. I had a coffee and, later, a yoghourt with honey, which is one of my favourite Greek delicacies (not forgetting baklava). And a chat with the waiter, who is studying banking and economics in the university, sorted out the Greek financial problems.

“Village Sausage”, popular for starters.

A steak, just the thing for the main dish.

Honey and yoghourt.

Somebody else’s flambé, but an excitement for everybody.

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