Nestlings almost above the table in a sea-side restaurant. The parent bird worked very hard to feed these mouths, but when it got dark she settled herself on top of them. We saw a similar thing in a different restaurant, where the management had put a little pad beneath each of the nests to catch the droppings.

A moussaka on the left for me, and, on the right, something nice for James.

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On the left is a Kleftiko, or lamb on the bone. I’ve never had it before cooked in foil, bit was very nice. I think James is having a steak with a nice tomato-based sauce.

On the left we have Michael with his drink. He prefers coca-cola at lunchtime, and Sprite in the evening. Both are very nice drinks. On the right we see the family (at the back) wading out to a small boat that will ferry them to a larger one that has a glass bottom. We are in Laganes, at the south end of the island, near a beach where the loggerhead turtles breed. From the boat we will be able to see the turtles as they swim round in the bay. Alas, the day before had been a bit windy and the water was not as clear as we would have liked. There are more pictures of the turtle-viewing trip on James’s page.

We are sitting in the garden of the Taverna of the Cross, which is on the west side of the island, about half way down. Getting here had been rather a challenge as we took a wrong turn, mea culpa, I suppose, which actually was worth doing because it took us to some spectacular mountainous and curvy roads leading down to a tiny harbour. When we got a bit nearer to the place we knew we were going in the right direction at last, because we could see an enormous cross on the highest point of the hill, with this taverna lying just a little below it. We are examining the menu, not to have yet another enormous meal, but just to get an innocent little cup of coffee, which was my choice, and whatever the others wanted.


We had visited this place three years before, and I had taken some remarkable shots from standing in the viewpoint which you can just see behind Michael. I have included these shots on another page.

It is our last evening and we have gone down to the village for our evening meal. Valentina is having her usual pork chop, or similar. She has a lovely smile, which she knows makes me happy. Michael is playing with his x-box (I think that’s what it’s called).

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