Some Videos Illustrating Events on our Holiday

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Viewing the Wreck


Home Nick's images From Our 2010 Holiday James's Best Pictures Videos

We did a trip in a small motor-boat with a very skilful skipper to see some local caves at sea level. Some of them had sand which reflected sunlight in a beautiful blue colour. It wasn’t a very sunny day, but the effect was lovely all the same.

“The Wreck” is the name given to a beach on the north-west of Zakynthos. Frequent boat trips go there, but it can also be viewed from a steel cage high up on the surrounding cliffs. There is an actual wreck on the beach, and, as Michael, aged seven, said, “I saw a man on the beach with no clothes on!” Sorry, the man is not in this video. To get to the cage there is a car park, and you can also buy honey and mead (?) there. James bought some honey, and has been enjoying it with his breakfast ever since.

One of our favourite places for our dinner is in Ana Volimes, about five miles over the hills from Ariadne. There is a direct, if winding, route there, over the mountains. This place is run by a very lovable and charming character whom we call Dennis. He does not have menus, but he recites in perfect English a list of what he can provide to each new set of guests. James filmed this spiel, where Dennis is speaking to an elderly couple who came in just after us. You can also see his young cook arriving, about half way through the video. When Dennis speaks of “an omelet made with yellow eggs” James can be heard laughing.

These videos were provided by James, and originally I converted them to the AVI format, retaining the size of the originals. But following a hint from Vicky I converted them to MP4 with size 640 by 360. This reduces the size by a factor of more than ten, and the format is known as YouTube. If you would like to see a bigger size, just ask.

Thanks for looking at this blog, which I hope you enjoyed.